Velener Textil win 2018 DNFI Award

WECYCLED Velener Textil GmbH, located in Velen, Germany, has won the Discover Natural Fibres Initiative (DNFI) Innovation in Natural Fibres Award for 2018.

The winning process, “WECYCLED® – Real added value for weaving mills and our partners in the textile chain,” was submitted by Mr. Ernst Grimmelt, CEO and Sales Manager Yarns under the category of Innovative processes/procedures.

DNFI-Award-2018Waste is inevitable in any industrial process, and up to 30% of yarn used in weaving mills, knitting mills and confection processing remains unused. Under the WECYCLED® system (, Velener Textil collects spent cones from partner mills and separates the unused cotton yarn in special sheltered workshops that meet the highest standards of employee safety and environmental protection. Velener Textil has developed a sophisticated method to recycle the recovered cotton into new yarns that fulfill the requirements for color fastness, strength and other attributes in high-quality consumer products. Commercial applications include the production of bed linen and knitted clothing.

Dalena White, Secretary General of the International Wool Textile Organization ( commented that the sheltered workshop to ensure employee safety used in the WECYCLED® system is an innovative component of sustainability often overlooked.

Mr. Grimmelt emphasized that WECYCLED® is, “as close as it gets to no-waste textile manufacturing.” He said that the closed-circuit principle of the WECYCLED® system contributes to sustainable textile manufacturing with a traceable process.

Representatives of Velener Textil will be officially recognized for their achievement at the International Textile Manufacturers Federation ( annual conference 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya during 7-9 September. The WECYCLED system will also be discussed during the next meeting of DNFI in Chemnitz, Germany on 10 September 2018.

The 2018 DNFI Award Trophy was presented on 7th September by the chair Dr. Terry Townsend (photo left), to Mr. Ernst Grimmelt, CEO of Velener Textil GmbH (photo center). As representative of the 2018 award sponsor, Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Kraatz CEO IVGT e.V. (photo right), was the first to congratulate the winner.


Download press release: Velener Textil win 2018 DNFI Award

Download winning submission: WECYCLED® - Real added value for weaving mills and our partners in the textile chain