Thank you for being a judge in the public voting for the 2017 DNFI award!

Voting procedure:

  • Step 1: Inform yourself about the five nominees. Download and view the provided files.
  • Step 2: Select your winner. (If you can’t decide between two of them, choose the two best ones.)
  • Step 3: Relax (maybe read some of the articles on our page) until the voting period is completed.

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Step 1: The five finalists

(In alphabetical order)

Download: Biogenic Heavy Tows Based on Hemp Bast Bark

Download: Innovation in Renewable energy - Rotor blades from hemp-based composites

Download: Naturetexx® Plasma: making wool machine washable without chlorine

Download: Reduction of the moisture absorption of natural fibres and production of no-twist yarns for use in structural components

Download: System4Green - Methodology for development of products with renewable raw materials


Step 2: Please chose your winner

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Step 3: Voting will end on 30. September

A single award winner will be chosen by majority vote. The result of the public vote shall be final. There will be no right of appeal. The winner will be announced in the first week of October 2017.

Additional Information: Press release – Worldwide Voting Underway