DNFI Award 2020For the fourth time in a row since 2017, the Discover National Fibre Initiative is once again inviting entries for its now coveted DNFI Innovation in Natural Fibres Award. The aim of the award is to raise public awareness of the achievements of the natural fibres sector as a whole by recognising innovative work and projects at the level of production and use of natural fibres.

“Times are changing. Changing times mean that we have to change the way we work, the way we use materials and the way we design processes. This is where innovative ideas are needed”,

emphasises Elke Hortmeyer, Chairwoman of DNFI and Director of Communication and International Relations at the Bremen Cotton Exchange.

The DNFI Awards will be judged in three categories: Innovative products/components or applications, innovative processes/procedures, research and science. The evaluation criteria are: outstanding scientific work and technical feasibility, the extent of improvement or effectiveness of the innovation compared to existing products or processes and the potential for opening up new markets, or sectors for products made from natural fibres.

Applicants are invited to submit their proposals by email to: Secretariat[at]

Application templates are available on the DNFI web site:

Closing Date for award applications is 11. September 2020.