ICNF2019 – Smart Sustainable Solutions

ICNF 2019Natural fibres are a renewable resource, par excellence, having been renewed by nature and by humans for millennia. Recently, they have drawn tremendous attention of both scientific community and industrial sectors due to their abundance and low cost, good specific mechanical properties and environmental benefits. Tremendous growth in the use of non-renewable and non-biodegradable synthetic materials and associated emission of green-house gases is presently a big concern for the environment and future generations. In this context, the use of natural fibres, extracted from plants which absorb carbon dioxide and benefit the environment, seem to be highly attractive. In addition, processing of natural fibres generates wastes, which are mostly organic and can be used to generate electricity or green building, and at the end of its life cycle, they are 100% biodegradable.

Following up the great success of ICNF2013, ICNF2015 and ICNF2017 covering the topics, “Sustainable materials for advanced applications”, “From nature to market” and “Advanced Materials for a Greener World”, ICNF2019 will focus on “Smart Sustainable Solutions”, aiming to explore the potential of natural fibres as key materials to design smart and sustainable solutions for the future generations. To fulfil this important goal, along with the scientific sessions, Natural Fibrenamics Award contest will be organized to promote and show new innovative natural fibre based products from all over the world.

DNFI is official partner of the 4rd international conference as member of the science committee, and will organice a natural fibre session (similar to 2017) together with it’s members.

Date: 1.-3. July 2019

Place: Alfândega do Porto Congress Center, Porto, Portugal

Download: ICNF2019 Scientific Program

Organizer Site: https://www.icnf2019.fibrenamics.com/