34rd International Cotton Conference Bremen 2018

34rd International Cotton Conference Bremen 2018The bi-annual Bremen Cotton Conference is where specialists from the worldwide textile procurement chain come together. The Conference will provide a forum for scientifically founded and practically useful insights into key issues surrounding cotton production, textile processing and innovative cotton based products.

An exciting and interesting cotton week awaits you. From Monday to Friday, the Conference will be surrounded by numerous seminars, working groups and task force meetings as well as the evening event “Bremen Cotton Night”. The cotton week provides the perfect ground for networking, business, talk politics and socialising.

Meetings and Co-Events:
March 19: ICAC Task Force on Standardization of Cotton Testing and ITMF Cotton Testing Committee
March 20: WESER-KURIER conference SUSTAIN and FIBRE+Cotton-Exchange+ITMF+IVGT Spinners Seminar
March 21: Committee for Standards and for the Determination of Value Differences
March 22: DNFI.org Networking Meeting (for details contact: Secretariat[at]dnfi.org)
March 23: Expert Panel on Social, Enviromental and Economic Performance of Cotton (SEEP)

Date: 21.-23. March 2018

Place: Bremen Town Hall, Bremen, Germany

Download: Cotton Insights - Looks to the Future

Organizer Site: http://cotton-conference-bremen.de/