93th Annual IWTO Congress 2024

93th Annual IWTO Congress 2024Taking the theme of “An Industry Interwoven,” the programme of the 93. IWTO Congress showcases the benefits of an industry working together. Reflecting synergies throughout the supply chain, local and international speakers will present on global consumer trends, wool market intelligence, trade, health and wellness, process innovation, environment, retail trends and education for future generations.

This year, IWTO take you to Adelaide, Australia and the iconic Adelaide Oval, where you’ll be right in the heart of a vibrant city centre. Attractions, restaurants, the Riverbank entertainment district and more await, as we welcome you to Adelaide where the first bale of wool was exported more than 200 years ago.

The congress is a key time for woolgrowers, traders, primary processors, spinners, weavers, garment manufacturers to meet with retailers, fashion designers and other companies involved within the global wool supply chain..

Date: 15.-18. April 2024

Place: Adelaide, Australia

Organizer Site: https://iwto.org/congress-2024/