Architectural Components made with Jute

Over the last few decades, indoor air quality and emissions from building material have been a major challenge for scientists, consumers and the construction industry itself. The OSIRYS project aims to improve energy efficiency and indoor environmental air quality. The EU Project develops interior and exterior wall and facade elements from natural fibres like Jute and forest plants to reach this goal.

Currently the most common interior partitions are made of brick. In recent years plaster board partitions have appeared in an attempt to improve acoustic performance. Multi layered façade elements made of Jute and Cork can be industrialised produced and require no water in its assembly.

OSIRYS facade panel

The VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), as one of 16 partners, developed two types of light foam bio-based thermoplastics to build partitioning with improved fire, noise, fungi and acoustic properties.

Source: OSIRYS Project