DNFI Award 2022 – Deadline 9 Sept

DNFI Award 2022 - Deadline September 9 Natural fibres offer mechanical strength, low weight, and resilience, as well as renewability and biodegradability, making them ideal partners to high-tech, modern, and sustainable textile applications. The DNFI Innovation in Natural Fibres Award offers recognition for outstanding design and innovation in this important textile sector.

The DNFI award has proven to be successful in raising awareness of the outstanding work being done by specialists in this field and previous winners speak of their appreciation for the subsequent media coverage and interest in their work.

The recent winners Dr. Maryam Naebe found that natural fibres have a unique chemical and physical structure that gives them properties that are unmatched even in the man-made fibres age. Send your application now and become the DNFI  Award winner 2022.

Applicants are invited to submit their proposals by email to: Secretariat[at]dnfi.org.

Application templates are available on the DNFI web site: http://www.dnfi.org/dnfi-award

Closing Date for award applications is 9. September 2022.

A maximum of two extra pages (for a total of three pages) of information and three photographs/graphs/tables may be included with this submission.