Plant Fibres – Factsheet

A wide range of plants, including Abaca, Cotton, Jute, Flax, Ramie, Sisal, and Hemp, are used to produce plant fibre and many fibre plants are grown as field crops to make paper, textiles, composites and rops.

  • Seed fibres are collected from seeds or seed cases. e.g. Cotton and Kapok.
  • Bast fibres are collected from the inner bark or bast surrounding the stem of the plant. These fibres have higher tensile strength than other fibres. Examples are Flax, Jute, Kenaf, Hemp and Ramie.
  • Hard fibres are collected from leaves, e.g. Sisal, Banana and Agave, or from fruit, e.g. Coir around the hard shell of coconuts.

There exist much more plant fibres like Nettle, Pineapple, Banana leaf fiber and others. The factsheet lists there physical properties, photos of the fibres, there cross-secction and the longitudinal view.

Download: The Plant Fibres Factsheet