DNFI Steering Committee Meeting 2019

The members of DNFI met on January 9 for their annual steering committee meeting in Frankfurt a.M./Germany.

The chair Dr. Terry Townsend reported that preliminary estimates indicate that world production of all fibres rose to approximately 111 million metric tons in 2018, a one-year increase of 4 million tons, and a rise over the past decade of 35 million tons.

Of the world total, natural fibres accounted for 32 million tons of production during 2018, an increase of less than 2 million tons in ten years. The share of natural fibres in world fibre production fell from 41% in 2008 to less than 30% in 2018. Townsend noted that the world production of synthetic filament rose to 50 million tons; of this polyester filament alone was about 45 million tons. Synthetic staple production rose to 22 million tons, and production of cellulosic fibres rose to 7 million tons.

Among the natural fibres, Cotton production accounted for 26 million tons in 2018. Production of Jute, Kenaf and allied fibres fell to less than 3 million tons because of poor weather in the Ganges River Delta of India and Bangladesh. Production of Wool fell in 2018 because of drought in sheep-raising areas of the Southern Hemisphere. Further information were presented by Mr. Peter Clasen on behalf of Mr. Oliver Reimer-Wollenweber for Sisal (see Attachment 4).

Agenda 9 January 2019:

  • Next Meetings
  • Short Reports on Fibre Supply and Use
  • DNFI Award
  • Calendar of DNFI Activities for 2019
  • DNFI Web site
  • NaDiF: A concept for global digitalization system for all natural fibres
  • Election of a Vice Chair; confirmation of the Chair

The next Annual Steering Committee Meeting of DNFI will be held on Wednesday 8 January 2020 in Frankfurt beginning at 3:00 PM (CET) in the office of IVGT.

Download: Minutes of the Annual Meeting 2019

Download: World Fiber Production 2008-2018 (Attachment 1)

Download: Report – Cotton December 2018 (Attachment 2)

Download: Jute Market Report for December 2018 (Attachment 3)

Download: Report – Sisal Brazil and Africa January 2019 (Attachment 4)

Download: Report – Wool Industry January 2019 (Attachment 5)